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It's all about Diesel
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Originally Posted by mannydantyla View Post
I don't know much about diesel, but I know that the early 90's and very late 80's chevy/gmc c/k trucks where getting throttle body injection.
First of all, older Diesels didn't even have a throttle plate (even though in my country it's not totally unusual to adapt them into some Mercedes-Benz engines, especially among the folks who own local derivatives of the 40-series Toyota Landcruiser which had this engine as a factory fit). It's been present in some modern ones due to emission control. And unlike volatile fuels, Diesel won't vaporize if injected either at the manifold or at the valve ports, and that's why it's either injected directly into the combustion chambers (which is the standard now) or at prechambers attached to the cylinder head where it swirls in order to increase the contact surface with the intake air which had been aerodynamically heated at the compression stroke.

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