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So its been a while since I put the 51T rear sprocket on, but until now I haven't gotten to get a whole tank through it with mostly/just me riding the bike. Even with the taller gearing(or maybe because of it???) my little brother managed to drag a tank down to 43.8 MPG. Absolutely abysmal for a 250cc, and I have beaten that in my V6 Accord!

So I was able to get 57 MPG twice, and then I bumped it up to 59.1 for the last tank! That is not only a new record tank, but it looks like the measly 5.5% taller gearing has brought me back to pre-aftermarket muffler mileage.

Me and my dad rode to Tennessee and got on Cherohala skyway as well as two passes up and down Deals Gap.

Have some action shots!

Click image for larger version

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Here is what my front tire looked like after those gap runs, not a bad chicken strip if I do say so myself. The rear tire had no visible strip. Oh yeah, and I discovered that front tire is 7 years old on this trip. Oops. Time to get a new one.

Click image for larger version

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There is a difference between SHOULD and CAN. This trucker didn't seem to know that.

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There was a video posted of a miata locking up his brakes and having to steer out of his lane mid BLIND corner to avoid crashing into this jackass. If I find it again, I'll post a link. Anyone who decides to take their big truck/trailer on the gap despite all the warnings should have their CDL immediately revoked. I think we can all agree that truck drivers are the safest drivers on the road, but when you do something as stupid as this, all that goes out the window. You can easily get someone killed driving just a few miles on a road like this in a truck like that.

And a nice sunset picture to finish off my post. Our cabin had a steep gravel road leading up to it, which made things interesting. Having previous experience with dirt bikes comes in handy at times like that.

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