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Yeah, radical feminsts ignore hours, pregancy and maternity license, expertise...

But if you argue with them they will say this i man intolerance making women not desire go ahead, or man guilty for reject women in high positions. They always give a excuse pointing man guilty.

If you say nursery have less man and that physiotherapy have less man, they will say that's because man don't wan't. But they will blame man for there are less women on engineering.
They acuse man to don't handle babies well, but will say man can't take care of babies in case of a dispute for children.

like I said, it's a political flag war, and not a search for truth, justice and reason.
I hate sexist people, man or women. Most actual feminist get some sort of sexist (disguised) against man or even against some women.

There was a girl on school, who was against sexism, against unequality, but she said that women's money was just for her, and man's money was for the family (house, kids, wife). And she believed man must pay dinner. I bet she still talk about the pay gap .

Originally Posted by ME_Andy View Post
I'm not really sure what this thread is about but the gender pay gap, statistically, can be explained by factors other than discrimination.

The True Story of the Gender Pay Gap - Freakonomics Freakonomics

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