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In a forum, like this, we have to listen (read to give a answer), and the fact it's not exactly real time (need to access) give people time to think and explain in details.
Which is why top-posting is so unfriendly. Brittany Pettibone at Patriot's Day in Berzerkley, CA:

2:52 — she doesn't even flinch.
3:46 — the crowd cheers her on.

Cassie Jaye is a good example of the left rejecting dialog. You might also like Candace Owens. She also was ejected from the Left. She's supported by Kanye West, who is a celebrity. (Ben Shapiro is unimpressed).

See Brittany Pettibone

And Blonde in the Belly of the Beast
It used to be that the news would tell you what happened and you had to make an opinion on the subject. Now the news tells you their opinion and you have to decide if it even happened.

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