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Originally Posted by All Darc View Post
Type on Google : How to train your dog to urinate over feminazis.
I guess they would feel more pissed off (no pun intended) if I had a male dog instead of Vanessa (yes, that's the name of the b*tch).

Feminsm, the word, in theory was suposed to reach equality, not privileges.
So was communism, and we know it doesn't end well...

Women brain are different, the neurology it's not exact the same as man. Man get nonsense due anger, temper, testosterone making a guy lost his mind and make sh...t. Women brain it's not such thing, but they get nonsense without deep anger but with emotions, desires. They lost the logic before get deep anger.
My mother is a psychologist. But anyway, women may also occasionally display some disproportionate anger, even though it's more noticeable when they have PMS (or TPM as it's known in our country).