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Next time you can say she is a transgender dog, that she choosed to be male, just to the bit-ches go away.

No offense, but I don't really consider psychology a science. It's more to the side of pseudoscience than true science. Too many different fronts, a lot of phylosophy mixtured together, frail or rare proofs...
And they try to controll people, make people calm and accepted by society, without judging too much society itself. Almost a social controll agent. It's more runned by politics than science.

When politics wasn't connected to power for women and gays and trans, psychology had different opinions, said they were ill, but now they "turned the side of the disc" and say the oposite, even with emotional and militant way, forgetting that themselves was the "evil they make critics today". It's like a former nazi making hard critcs to new nazis.

Some psichologists give money to evangelic preachers who says gays and non christian will go to hell, but in professional life they talk about prejudice and the problem of sexism in society. A female psychologist in the fitness academy used to tell me I needed help, just because I don't want relationships, since I consider society horrible. But she is evangelic and post on Facebook memes or articles about prejudice against gays, women and trans.
Interesting how they have prejudice against who want to stay alone, but post things in favor of gays in her professional life to please her colleagues of profession. That's because gays got political power and money, and people who want stay alone have no political power or a movement behind.
So, for me it's all b...ull sh..t.

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