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Sorry for the language. I only use in situations a nonsense it's clear, like the women anoying the guy due his dog's way to urinate. I would not use such words in a real polemic thing where debate it's clear and true it's not easy to find. I'm not angry when I says such words in general, but perplex with the absurds.

I'm in favor of equal rights, but I will never say I'm a feminst cause this word lost the meaning a long time ago. I prefer to say I'm in favor of truth and justice to everyone.

Men have more incidence of psychopath/sociopathy, and they use to be the warlords along human savage history. it's about 3 or 4 psychopaths for men for each woman psychopath.
And remamber women along centuries had no political power, most couldn't even work and live alone. Now that they get power we see a rising in women criminals. In my country the number and proportion (compared to man) of female in prison had raised a lot. The women leading gangs, leading robberies, and even killing in sadistic ways, also raised. In school, fight among girls and teen girls, also increased a lot.

Many evil women like to feels the power and even the evil satisfaction through a man, like a gangster's girls. They like to be the girl of a horrible man in power. It's safer to them. Take the actress Allison Mack, bringing other women to the sadistic religious sect leader, who tortured and starved women.
I want to see feminists demand she get equal rights now, in terms of years in prison. But she will probably say she was dumb, stupid, manipulated, a dum...b women who can't figure things and so deserves a slight sentence or even let free. And no feminst will blame her.
Yes, sexism helps criminal women to get slight sentence, since many male sexist judges thinks women are idiots who follows bad guys, or that women are too stupid to self controll as man.

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I'm not a fan of using inflammatory...

That said, I consider myself a feminist because I am for equal legal rights for women universally...

In my view, men are more likely to swing towards extreme ends of good and evil, where they can display enormous acts of heroism, or horrific acts of malevolence. Women are more likely to remain around the center, neither venturing towards extreme evil nor extreme heroism. Of course, this is a broad generalization, and there are always exceptions, but this is often how the different sexes behave.

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