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Originally Posted by All Darc View Post
I'm not angry when I says such words in general, but perplex with the absurds.
Your speech doesn't offend me, but I'm very thick-skinned with these things, but many others are not. While you may not be angry or hold hostility towards people when you post here, it isn't so clear to readers because so much intent is lost when all we have is written words. I know, because I'm often misunderstood in forums due to my directness.

I just wanted you to know that others might take offense to your language, and I would hate to lose the ideas you contribute to the forum just because of language.

I'm in favor of equal rights, but I will never say I'm a feminst cause this word lost the meaning a long time ago. I prefer to say I'm in favor of truth and justice to everyone.
I don't want to allow others to abuse the term, which is why I attempt to take ownership of it rather than cede it to extremists. I'm actually saying that extreme feminists are not feminists at all. I deny their wish to be viewed as feminists, because belittling women's innate interest in things other than male dominated traits is actually anti-feminist.

A woman who does not fit traditional feminine attributes still needs a place to exist in harmony with society, but you don't accomplish that by belittling those who do fit traditional attributes, or by attacking men.
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