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Originally Posted by Old Tele man View Post
There's something to be said about good old-fashioned copper-wire dialup!!!
That it is bad?

Before: $50 a month and free phone every two years.
Now: $50 a month and a $200 "good" phone I find on my own.

How am I saved from myself?

Part of the reason that I took the full-time school job was because the local service provider snuck in a household data limit. Instead of figuring out who was downloading too much and telling them to cut back, the landlord raised everyone's rent. Allegedly they were also giving us twice as fast a connection, but we needed to ask when it became effective because, not only did we not observe it working better, it still worked poorly.

Apparently the provider up here also has a limit, but instead of being a terabyte, it is only 350 GB, and I still do not know how we hit it. I have been watching "Psych" using data because that is unlimited, although it will probably slow down at some point.

I was trying to find actual news about the teacher strike here and someone posted that the Tempe city council held a vote on creating a municipal 100GB fiber optic system. However, the poster did not link to anything, and all that I found was a brief mention on the city's website stating they considered renting space in the city's conduits for providers to run lines and increase competition.

The poster claimed the deciding no vote was a councilwoman who said "We don't need it, we already have a 100GB system."
"That is only for traffic lights."
"We still do not need it because [the local monopoly] says so."


When I had a job I often left my phone at home. When I did bring it I rarely used it, but if someone needed to reach me, they had other methods, and they usually used those. My supervisor would not text me from across the room, she sent me e-mails!

The only place with reliable wifi is home, but that has a limit. Only Verizon works here, the last place that I lived, and somewhere I lived before that. It took a while to find out which bargain providers use the Verizon network:,2817,2375644,00.asp

I will reevaluate my needs when I actually start working.

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