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Look this article.

Look how they displayed a blured image duging motion, and despite that said there is no motion blur on OLED.
I saw motion blur in a OLED, and wasn't insignificant. It was a 4K image of pendulun very slow, and the details vanished much more than should for such slow speed.
Of course it also have the blur of camera compression and video encoding for 4K, after edited, compression. Compressiona are horrible with movement, worse than MPEG2 DVDs in terms of the difference from no movition related to motion.

Image retention desroy any chances to use OLED as a PC monitor. Even films with black bar, since many are wider than 16:9.

I keep waiting technology to create a decent screen to watch films in HD. Come industry, show me some decent thing, I'm tired of all these crap screen and crap video compressions.

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