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Great read, Trik you make me proud, I'm glad you stood up to that A-hole and didn't put up with his crap. (pun intended)
I've driven like an @$$ in the past and got some well deserved tickets. I've also driven like a normal sane driver and got pulled over for bogus reasons and had to deal with more A-holes.
I guess I joined this forum just in time. I was pulled over a week ago by a B!tch of a cop for not having a front license plate. (Is this probable cause?)
When showing her my brand new license (July) she asks for my current address, I told her that license is new and that is my current address. She says "You don't live in a PO Box, what is your address"? At this point I'm a little more angry and told her to get out a pen and paper and write it down so she could spell Wilseyville...
Anyhow, she runs a whole gammut of questions all seemingly pointed at me making myself a criminal and after finding nothing more writes me a fix-it ticket for the crack in my windshield and no front license plate. (I really want to know if that is probable cause for pulling someone over).
BTW I drive a lowered Honda so immediately I was a Ricer...she was in the opposite lane on a four-way and flipped a B!tch in rush hour traffic to catch back up to me!!!

I say it was a good time to join the forum because now I'm thinking of using my front license plate as an upper grill air dam...good idea?
Also, because I have to get a new windshield, I'm wondering if I can use a Plexiglass or Lexan windshield instead and incorporate a little extra length to cover up the gap by my wipers...Anyone done something like this?
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