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Originally Posted by mpg_numbers_guy View Post

The fuel tank is 12 gallons used right on E (1.2 mile reserve). One tick past halfway is 11/20 marks, so theoretically you've used 6.6 gallons. 290 miles on 6.6 gallons is 43.9 mpg. However this estimate is generally 1-1.5 mpg optimistic for me at fill up.
I'll take it! Anything over 40 is my goal...for now.

Originally Posted by mpg_numbers_guy View Post
Get going on your Scangauge!!
I'm working on it! I'm running this tank down so I can get as close as possible to the correct calibration when I DO fill up.

Originally Posted by mpg_numbers_guy View Post
I haven't run any fuel system cleaner in the Civic yet. Most people I've seen do it haven't noticed any benefit for the cost.
I'd do it just to make sure your fuel system, injectors, and combustion chamber are clean. I can't verify that it'll also help to clean your catalytic converter, but I've heard that it does help those with Civics prone to the problem. I'm in the camp of "it can't hurt anything other than my wallet and may help in the long run...I'll give it a shot"

Originally Posted by mpg_numbers_guy View Post
Still getting comments on my car's of my classmates laughed at the idea (he gets 10-15 mpg out of an '07 Saturn Vue) but my response is always that I'll be the one with money in my wallet at the end of the day.
One thing I've learned about classmates...they're all least until you get to the graduate level (I have a Master's)...then only half to a quarter of them are morons. Don't listen to anything any of them say. 90% of them will take that diploma/degree and do nothing with it. Most spend their spare time drinking or smoking pot.
Family and friends matter. Your dad even HELPS you with your eco-mods. That's a win in my book! Not to mention, your part about being the one with the fat wallet at the end of the day is AWESOME! Keep rockin' dude!
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