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Decided to go out and get started on my side skirts mock-ups today.

I first measured and cut a piece of cardboard to size. Dimensions used were a semicircle with a 15" radius with two inches below it, as follows:

I then propped it up against the wheel well to get an idea worked in my head of how to go about building and attaching the skirts:

I then used metal plumbers tape to create brackets similar to what California98Civic and MetroMPG did with theirs. I bent the tape double to add rigidity to it. If it holds, great, if not I'll buy flat copper or aluminum bars to work with.

They actually held well on their own to the wheel well:

I bent the lower brackets outward slightly so the skirt wouldn't touch the wheel (currently it's about 1/16" away from touching...not sure if that's okay or not).

Here's the passenger wheel skirt mounted (zip ties were not tied at the time of the photo):

NOTE: this is only the test model the final version will be waterproofed with silver duct tape just like all my other ecomods.

Note on that last picture - my trunk lid isn't removed, it's just open.

Didn't test its durability today but will do so tomorrow. The brackets and skirts offer good mounting places for rear wheel spats, something I'll add when I install the final version of the skirts.

While I had my stuff out I decided to label my car:

I'll update it as my post-ecomodding FE changes tank by tank.

Planning on ordering an official Ecomodder sticker at some point...when I get around to it lol.

Also built a holder for my phone, for Torque fuel economy monitoring of course. Sometimes DIY goes too far:

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