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how long

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
What's this got to do with ...your mom?

How long did it take to gunny-bag that list?

It's unweighted and unsorted. Things and places. Some I'd need to look up. I prefer an overarching narrative one that can accommodate Earth weather and space weather, since they are all one thing. It turns out Earthspots and sunspots act the same and share features:

I've been tangentially following global warming and compiling data since my sophomore year (1977) in college.My internal combustion engine and air pollution class textbook 'said' that carbon dioxide had been an issue for 30-years or so.
In grade school,driving on the way to school,the radio announced the news from the from Mauna Loa monitoring station that there was no longer any place on Earth where there was 'clean' air.
These things don't leave your consciousness.
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