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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
So you still think the polar ice caps are going to melt by 2010?
I would say that's a bit of a flaw.

That's what you call control.
He says the sea levels are going to rise, buys a 9 million dollar beach front mansion, tells you all that CO2 is going to kill us all but then flies around in a private jet while his unoccupied mansions consume thousands of dollars worth of utilities every month.
If that doesn't at least plant the seed of doubt then there is no hope for you and you're going to choke down what ever they put in front of you while pretending to smile.
The Dept.of the Navy has thought that the Arctic could be ice-free by this summer.While the ice extent has kind of hung in there,it's the ice 'volume' which is more important.
They also consider an open Northwest Passage,an existential threat to US national security.
Sea level has been rising.
As the sea ice goes,which buttresses continental glaciers,the glaciers are calving icebergs,which are new ice,and DO raise sea level.
As moulins drain meltwater down under the glaciers,it lubricates the glacier and accelerates calving.
As the oceans warm,they accelerate ice loss by undermining the ice.
And warming oceans literally expand what water is already there.
These things are happening at a non-linear rate,and accelerating as feedback loops reinforce melt.
It's this 'abrupt' change which is freaking out the scientists.We know from the geological record that earth has seen abrupt change within decadal time frames, and remained there a long time.
Once human core temps get to 104F we're looking at organ failure.2,500 El Salvadoran cane cutters have already died from renal failure over the last 2-decades.90% of their coffee crop has failed.
There's all kind of black-swan events going on.
They can't seem to stay hydrated in the added heat.
I don't apologize for Gore's behavior.I'd chastise him if I could.That said,so far,I've never seen any evidence to the contrary of what he presented in An Inconvenient Truth.
If you want 'doubt',check out the preamble and conclusions of all the scientific papers on climate change.The scientists are the first to draw attention to imperfectness of their work.I do feel like they're committed to finding 'truth'.I'm glad that they're out there trying to watch my back.
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