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Ouch! Sounds like he didn't adjust the timing correctly after installing the injection pump. Wrong timing apparently can cause all sorts of problems, like burn glowplugs and such.
The shop owner listened to the [description of the] symptoms (more clatter) and deduced the same. That's why I want him to put his healing hands on it. I've gone to the same shop for 30 years, they're generally good. Letting me drive away and make payments for instance. He's already negotiating, offering to strike the cost of the pump if I pay for more labor.

Altermotor? Like a hybrid with the motor where the alternator goes?
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The Buick OEM part is 1" larger in diameter, and I've got nothing but room on the underside of the slant four. The only hang-up I see is routing the serpentine belt drive around the front engine mount. It wants a ~115v battery pack.

'...subscribe to you newsletter' is a trope. All I know is the valves are adjusted with lash caps.
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