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It isn't feasible now. The only people that would say we need to do as you say either are economically ignorant, or don't care if they live in mud huts and eat insects for nutrition.
I could dig living in a warm, tidy house made of compressed earth blocks, but I draw the line at eating insects. Especially ants, they reek of formic acid. Bacteria poop, on the other hand — breakfast every day.

The second problem with the call to education is that even if people know their actions contribute negatively to the environment, they don't really care since they account for hardly any of the overall impact. It's like sharing the bill at a restaurant....
[tragedy of the commons]

Our public education fails in way more than just teaching energy consumption and externalities; the vast majority of people lack an elementary understanding of economics, yet hold strong opinions of what should be done about things that massively affect the economy on topics such as subsidized healthcare and other entitlements.
It's worse than ignorance. Frankfurt-school Marxism, AKA critical theory, actively destroys people's ability to reason and speak.

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