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Starlite:The lost better fireproof ever on history

Imagine a fireproof material dozen times better than nomex, much better than even Carbon-X, that you could just spray or paint over a surface and endure more than 5 minutes over a strong flame tourch.

This already exist... Better saying, it existed, cause now it's a lost treasure. The inventor, Maurice Ward, died in 2011 and the formula wasn't revealed.

Meet Starlite :

How many lives would had be saved if this incredible plastic was available since the discovery... But the inventor prefered to take the secret to his grave.
It was confirmed by NASA and Boing as be true, about the fireproof capabilities.

Why people do that ???
If I had the cure for AIDS, would I prefer to keep it, not even make money, while thousands of people suffer and die from AIDS ?

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