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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Never understood why someone would buy a new Aveo, which is an awful car, when for the same money they could buy a few year old Lexus, Acura, etc, etc.

You forget that you're not a normal person.

Normal people don't want the hassle of hunting for an appropriate used car with an unknowable history that some other owner has previously farted in. It's easier and nicer to just pick a colour from a row of identical ones with that new car smell.

Also: it's easier to get financing for a new car -- especially long-term financing, which lowers payments dramatically, which is arguably what lower income econobox shoppers want.

And let's not forget the full warranty on the new car. Epitomy of peace of mind vs. a scary used car experience.

Having said all that, *I* (and most people on this forum, I bet) agree with your reasoning. We're not normal either.

So let's not convince normal people not to buy brand new econoboxes... how else am I going to buy cheap used ones a decade or more later??
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