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I don't really wanna argue, but my experience just does not fit your scenario. I don't believe anyone sees 10% random variation on averages measured on a set route in a single session with a calibrated OBD gauge like an UltraGauge or a ScanGauge. If that were true we would all get wildly different readings whenever our tank averages had more highway or city or hills or altitude than when calibrated. I just recently drove my car to the high desert (4000+ ft elevation and hot and dry) from the beach climate I calibrated within (sea level and humid and cooler). My tank average as shown by the pump and the OBD gauge was totally regular, which is to say it was within about one or two percent as usual.

The only thing necessary is to design a test that minimizes the possible sources of error and then taking the results nonetheless with a grain of salt, so to speak.

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