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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Germany has been running above 400gm/kWh all winter. Occasionally bumping 500gm. which would have been last night except it was Sunday. The data is back up now. Their 45 GW of installed wind capacity has been running at 5 GW all day. It is sunny today though.
Jacobson is the founder of that green advocates cite to show how easy it is to replace fossil fuels for all energy. He computes efficiency gains from electric conversion of ICE, underground thermal storage, ect, and posts total generation requirements from each source of wind, water, and solar, without addressing the actual quantity of materials and hardware that would be required. He also relies on very little storage because "It is always windy or sunny somewhere". And proposes transforming all heavy trucking to electrolytic Hydrogen.
The Roadmaptonowhere, among many others, show the quantity of hardware and the land use that would be required is prohibitive (Even if it is written in an unprofessional style and promotes yet to be built GenIV nuclear as a much more feasible approach to replacing fossil fuel).
Jacobson published his original paper in a scientific journal and now has rich Hollywood stars supporting him with no peer review and now that Clack and 20 others have publicly challenged him on many points, he is suing them.
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