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Well since this thread keeps on going let me add some more fuel to the fire and what happened today.

On my way to work I was at an intersection, (with the engine off), as the light went green I turned the engine on and engaged the car in drive, as I pulled off an officer from 2 lanes over turned on his lights and pulled me over.

He was nice and asked me if I was having car trouble. I replied no and explained that I shut off my vehicle @ red lights to save fuel. (Didn't tell him I was EOCing from a 1/2 mile away). He explained to me that what I did was illegal. I asked why. He said that it was illegal in FLorida to coast down a hill with the engine in neutral or out of gear. I explained that I turned the car off once it came to a complete stop and his interpretation was not applicable. With no credible answer to that he simply restated that it was still illegal. To which I responded, "Then why do Prius' get away with it?" They shut their engines off when not in motion too. He had no answer.

I offered this to him. I explained that I was the exception and not the norm, that what I am doing is related to my studies in order to develop a retrofitted hybrid kit for older vehicles and that what I was doing was collecting data, safely, in order to support a need for an engine off system for non-hybrid cars. I explained that I was working very hard to reverse a lot of embedded mis information on how we were taught to drive vehicles and alot of this new information would conflict with printed law. I also cited as an example a situation where I was going to remove my side view mirrors for cameras which offer better visibility without blind spots but seemed to be in direct violation with a printed statute. So I asked him what was easier, to uphold an older law based on a lack of technology or consider that as time moves on advancements in motor vehciles will move faster than our judiciary system.

After a lengthy conversation, he wished everyone he pulled over was as informed as I was about the why in what we do and told me to be safe and wished me luck.

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