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charge efficiency

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
If you had 2 laminated iron cores in contact with each other only then can you begin to approach 100% efficiency.
I didn't even know air coupled inductors could reach 86%.
My J1772 is around 99% efficient.

There's nothing wrong with j1772 or CHAdeMO.
J1772 is simple and it works.

The stupid EV1 paddle charger combines the most of the cost and complexity of CHAdeMO with the limited power of J1722.
I can buy a 3.8kw J1722 for under $200, sometimes you can find a first gen leaf 120v J1722 brick for a little less than that and 6.6kw J1722 setups range from $400 to $1000.
I doubt that paddle charger thing could have been been built and sold for much less than $1000.
It's like they really worked hard to develope the most complicated answer possible for a very simple problem when they came up with the padel.
Before I accuse GM of embellishing on performance,I'll try and track down the article my feeble mind is attempting to recall.
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