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Originally Posted by Angel And The Wolf View Post
Is that a utility trailer under your box? I used one, and burned out a wheel bearing by pulling it at highway speeds, when it was rated for 45 mph.
Itís the smallest trailer that Harbor Freight sells, but the one with the bigger 1080 pound axle and 13Ē tires. No issues yet, and at least 5000 miles on it. Most of those miles were significantly under its rated payload (able to pick up and move the back end of the trailer when loaded. This is important because itís extremely difficult to back with precision).

At any rate, Iím not trying to tell you to buy a utility trailer, Iím telling you that I havenít had any issues towing a reasonably heavy trailer, like if you were to use the pickup bed. Iím not offended if you decide to go another route, I just want you informed.

If you build a trailer, or anything else, and it doesnít have a solid skin (say just using fabric), expect no aero benefit. The fabric will just flap in the breeze. I remember a boat tail being built years ago that was covered in heavy plastic that was pulled taunting. It looked great, no aero benefit.

If all you are looking for is a boattail and possibly some cargo toom, you could build off a hitch mounted cargo carrier box. The one I have is stock and rides completely in the wake and doesnít impact MPG at all. 13 extra cubic feet of cargo volume though (only up to 165 pounds). With this setup you avoid all of the major issues of a trailer (backing, axles, being charged extra at tolls, etc.).

Just giving ideas, use what you like, like I say, Iím not offended if you go a different route than I did.
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