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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
The reasons given for how the hole in the ozone over Antarctica caused a flood in the east coast of the United state appear to be speculation. Nothing appears to have been tested or measured.

You can't see cosmetic rays.
The aurora is charged low speed particles from the sun during a solar storm. Cosmetic rays infiltrate the earth during a low of solar activity.
Normally the solar wind pushes them away from the inner solar system.
Grand solar minimums allow for sustained periods of cosmic ray exposure.

What records go back thousands of years for the United States?
I'm not aware of any flood gauge cave paintings.
*Global warming has to do with infrared radiative forcing.
*Infrared radiation is created after ultraviolet radiation strikes terrestrial surfaces and is converted to the longer wavelength Infrared.
*The ozone hole allows more ultraviolet to travel,less impeded, though the atmosphere and strike the Earth,increasing infrared forcing,global warming,and climate disruption,including precipitation patterns,distributions,and magnitude.(As Ellicott City,Maryland has seen recently in 2016 and 2018)
*Its part of global climate change dynamics.
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