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how much we use

Originally Posted by sendler View Post
MacKay's book is a completely unbiased engineering study, by an engineer, on all of the possible generation methods for primary energy, how much we use, how much we can save, and what it would take to replace fossil fuel.
This load,that we'd have to build out for,if taken at face value could support his assertions.
However its inelastic in a world of potential elasticity.
We might engineer for less load.There's a lot of fat to cut.
An Executive Order can literally transform US energy demand downward overnight with the stroke of a pen.
Barbie and Ken might not like it,but they'd protest at their own peril if the White House took hold of the media as it has in the past.
Real estate agents who air-condition their Great Dane inside a parked,idling, H-1 HUMMER, while they drank beer inside a restaurant might realize consequences for the first time in their lives.Women who read Harlequin Romances in an idling car for 45-minutes,with the air-conditioning blasting on an ozone action day as they eat lunch.Single-pane window glass in 2018.Non-insulated homes in 2018.Empty office towers burning lights as the business furniture sleeps.Etc..Perhaps you've witnessed abuses yourself?
So far,waste has been a privilege.It's never been a freedom or a right.
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