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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Yamaha and Honda are giving back 500-800 on their 300 class bikes right now since the Kawasaki Ninja 400 is out. $4,200.
Meh, I don't really want a 300. What I really want is a 125, but we don't get technologically advanced 125s here in Merica'. I would be content with a 125 single, but for a 250 I would rather have a v-twin. And a little 125 v-twin would make me very happy.

A parallel twin just isn't the same as a V, unless its got a 270 degree crank, which makes it pretty much the same. V's are still cooler.

I did just look it up, and the CBR300R is just a stroked up version of the 250, boosting engine volume vs heat loss area. Still though, I would rather have the smol engine, unless Honda did something like put an MPG gauge on the 300, like they did for the NC750X.

Originally Posted by jkv357 View Post
Where the heck is that Honda CRB250/300RR twin that was supposed to make it stateside?
I don't think Honda ever planned to bring it to the U.S., they don't believe in making anything other than budget bikes in small displacements. Kind of reminds me of what American car makers did for a while(and probably still do), where they made really ****ty small cars, and the only cars worth getting were the big cars. Then the Japanese came in and showed the market that small cars don't have to suck. I wonder if such a revolution will come around for little bikes.

My little brother is in the market for a motorcycle now, he has chosen the SV650 preferably SF, but also willing to get an S. Too bad we don't get the smaller SV400 here in merica'. My little brother isn't poisoned by the same love of small engines that I am.
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