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That's called reverse engineering... In one video someone said one sample was stolen from hin.
Some people speculate even hin didn't know how it work. Others even said he created a certain amount, by trying error, without good notes of each step, and he couldn't create more exactly with same qualities.

What abbout a conspiracy theory :

Some goverment authority keep it as a secret, since it could e used to create better protection against nuclear atacks.

It's anoying... I see Indy fires that take only 5 to 10 seconds to put out, and even so the driver get some burns on hands. With gloves being the worsts parts of Indy cars racer's overalls.
What a crap fire protection system they use still today, the old Nomex created in the 60's.
And this fantastic Starlit fireproof was gone without even be cleary of what is and how it works.

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Couldn't someone take a sample of this material for an analysis in order to get the formula?

A lot of things cause cancer. Indeed the right thing to say it's "increase chances of get cancer."
But the point is the number, how relevant. Something increase risks of same cancer in 10 times (like smoking) Other things increase cancer risks in just 1,5%.
And somethings increases risks of some cancer in 10%, but or types of cancer that was aready very rare, like 1 in 3000 cases.

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Probably causes cancer, anyway. Like everything else.

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