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Haa haaa haaa...

Doctor Who now is a woman...

Who will fix the Tardis now ?

Things can get worse... You know... a company managed to a breakthrough in tissue regeneration. They managed to regenerated the three layers of skins, including glands and folicle, something never done before. They also regenerate bones like noone ever did. They have similar approachs, using what they call principle of bio-polarity, and will test on nerves, muscles, cartilage, veins... It can be a possible revolution, if all works.
Maybe in a decade or two they can recreate small body parts, like fingers.

But what the menace in all this things?
Well, I bet women will ask for a bio-engineered penis, just to revange on man, and activists will try to convince man to "receive from women", otherwise they will call the man as bigots.
And lesbians will got "double pleasure".

The future is dark... (na racism intented).

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Remember when blaming George W. was cool? Much like the below trend: