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Showers and toilets and the dishwashing... These took a lot of water, but no government invest in solutions. Bill Gates invested in a techno-toilet that use no water and even produces bio fertilizer.

Water mist could replace usual water stream of showers and dishwashing, reducing a lot the consume.

There are many ways to imagine alternatives, but few interest of governments.

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I don't have presuppositions about how it would happen. Or that it will (we've been sleep-walking since the 1970s). Just that it could, maybee, kinda...
roll-to-roll plastic foils for glazing/power
structures made from 3D printed bacteria+lime and sand
LEDs to change the spectrum through the growing season (best practice in Colorado today)
hydroponic permaculture?
OTOH, topsoil can be made from sand in one watering with a nano-clay emulsion.

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