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Three data points:

eurekalert:Buildings as power stations -- data shows they work: They generate more energy than they consume

The Active Office is a first, but it isn't a one-off. It is quick to build using existing supply chains, and uses only materials that are already available. This is tomorrow's office, but it can be built today turns coal power plant into energy storage system with electric car batteries
Their latest project was unveiled today and it consists of a 8.96 MW/9.8 MWh project using a total of 1,920 battery modules installed in Elverlingsen on the site of the former coal-fired power station that was built in 1912 and recently shut down pictured above.


The battery modules would have normally found their ways into about 600 third generation electric smarts. big trends in micro electricity grids
  1. Who's buying
  2. California as model
  3. Testing Viability

Not to mention the growing list of political subsets setting their own renewables goals: State of California, City of London, various corps, etc.

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