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Originally Posted by kach22i View Post
The 11th image down is an interesting solution should you ever add a front splitter to the chin spoiler. I have not see this done or discussed in the forum before (a warning).

I found the page searching for a good CDF pressure image to post, and the link certainly has several of those.
Thank you for taking the time to find all of this information and post it.
I truly appreciate it.

I like the idea of the splitter, and adding those side plates, vertical plates...whatever they're called, in front of the tires is an amazing idea.

I didnt' get a chance to remove the chin spoiler on the trip home (and I still yielded my best tank ever @578.9 miles), however all that time in the car gave me free time to think about designs and stuff.

I would like to fab a chin splitter and side plates for now, just to see how they do. They will be removed for winter.
However, I plan on grabbing another bumper cover from the junk yard and try to build myself a complete front clip that will have a flat face on it, and incorporate a splitter. If it's designed properly, I won't need to add the side plates.
Since my buddy owns a junk yard, I might go one step further and grab a Fusion bumper cover and try to graft it onto my bumper. Or at least use some ideas and apply them.

Thanks for everything so far. I'll keep you updated to the progress.

-ryan s.
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