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Yaris What????
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So if you alter the height of the vehicle with aftermarket parts it will change the SCCA class. What if the height is changed with OEM parts, or is it simply changing anything? I'm glad to see you are a member or TCCA(taurus car club of america) you can get alot from them. I was a member a long time ago when my taurus still lived. They have since changed server and lost alot of the articles on aerodynamics. Let me get some information on you car; what engine? the duratech or vulcan? Which transmission do you have, axod-e,ax4s,ax4n? Dependent upon which you have I can recomend some things you can do to help longevity. Changing you wheels from the five star to the earlier basket weave or the Sable wheels that are in Sean's rendering will help a little, but may increase braking heat during your events.

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It just came to me about blogging lol. Its like an orgasm a few good shots and the rest is dribbles lol!
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