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Originally Posted by fusion210 View Post
G1 Insight is the king. Although I think the deals are going to dry up, you can still find them for under $1500 in great shape with a dead battery. You can build a grid charger for under $50 and try to revive it or just bypass it. I heard the CVT ones do really well with a bypass but after mine went out with a manual trans it was really crappy taking off from a start. If it was level ground that's fine. A little slow, never got a horn honk. But if you find yourself on an off ramp at a stop with a steep grade it's brutal. Clutch out, 50% part or full throttle, someone could do a little jog and go right by you on foot.
That's why you rev it to 6 grand and drop the clutch.

But seriously. I could chirp the tires in 2nd gear when the battery was in place, and now I can't in first.
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