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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Looks like corn ethanol and corn oil bio diesel relies heavily on cheap natural gas.
You don't have to use natural gas or cheap hydraulically fractured natural gas but it helps, a lot.
At least here in Brazil, corn-based ethanol has only been considered because of its cost-effectiveness as a byproduct of the production of a high-protein substract for livestock feeding, plus there are two seasons instead of only one for sugarcane and therefore it's possible to keep ethanol prices stable year-round.. Plus the natural gas may be quite easily replaced by some biogas processed from the livestock manure and some other organic residues from the slaughterhouses. Even though I would also support the usage of biomethane as a motor fuel, corn-based ethanol might still have its favorable aspects associated with a faster weight gain from livestock fed with distillation-grain instead of raw corn.
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