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Originally Posted by Fuzzy View Post
I'm sorry if my response came across wrong. I understand that you were reviewing the automatic 1998 Acura Integra with the base 140hp B18B1 engine.
Looking strictly at the "upmarket civic" comment, I find it ironic that the current generation civic has essentially replaced the Integra... matching its msrp, weight, engine displacement, dimensions, etc.

considering all that (especially the similarity in weight/x-area/engine displacement) I find it quite interesting that the city mileage (strictly looking at EPA specifications for the 5spd manual version of both) of the civic is higher. Which (to me) raises the question of if you had an Integra, what types of tricks/tuning could be gleaned from the new civic and applied to improve your efficiency?
Sorry as well, I wasn't trying to be defensive -- just personally justifying (mosty to myself) that it's OK not to run out buy that new Civic.

You're right, the new Civic with a 1.8L is very similar as it plumped-up over the years. The emissions on a new car are, indeed, much lower. If I got another vehicle at this point, it would probably be along the lines of a Civic GX -- but the refueling availability has to improve. My commute is perfect for its range. For now, the 'Teg keeps plugging away, and it's paid off

Regarding your question, I know of someone who had a late-model Civic 5-speed Coupe, and became frustrated with the mileage on it and got a Mazda 3. I think he mostly focused on technique, tho.

I'd probably go with the standard intake air temp increase, EBH, LRR tire choice and over-inflation, aero mods, and mods beyond...

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