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incremental reductions

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Factory farming methods have been the most incredible human invention so far. We're not going to go back to hunting and gathering.

Just because something has unintended negative consequences (externalities) doesn't mean we abandon everything. It's a challenge to do less harm, not a challenge to give up and starve... and we would starve if modern farming methods were abandoned. It would make global warming look like a picnic.

Or, we could make incremental reductions in fossil fuel use; enough to not experience catastrophic economic hardship due to scare oil supply. We don't need to be off fossil fuels completely, only vastly reduce consumption eventually.

Energy production could look something like this in the future:

In 2017,James Hansen talked of reducing carbon emissions at 6%/year, if we're not to overshoot the 2-degree C average,mean global temperature target.
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