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how do we

Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Exactly. Civilization will be much smaller and simpler in the future.
So the big question is, How do we bring this artificially high flying civilization in for a softer landing? How do we reach the masses and open their eyes. How do we reach the world leaders? There are no major countries that are planning for anything that does not require the continuation of the current (last 100 years) fossil fueled exponential growth to keep the economy from crashing.

The USA just put into place a tax give back the requires 3% growth for the next 15 years to pay it back. Can we really double the size of the US economy again through 2040? And if every country does this, and more in developing countries, what will this do to the remaining finite resources of the planet?
We are already on course for at least 10 Billion people by 2100.
I get the feeling that we're headed towards 10-billion.To 'grow the economy'.
And just let the market work it out.And 'adapt.' In fact,adaptation may be the new golden goose for entrepreneurs,figuring out how to make fortunes off of a slow-motion catastrophe.
There are historical precedents for draconian government interventions,but those have required a 'crisis' as a pretext.Those can be fabricated if necessary.Agent provocateurs are your go-to people.
If we never mention the elephant in the room it won't exist for those who never care to 'look'. For each new generation,whatever they see around them will just be 'normal.' 176-degree heat index,living in a spacesuit as the new normal.Beautiful!
Since world leaders come and go ( some stay around longer than others),and whatever they create can be destroyed by any new incoming administration,it's impossible to count on even a 'strong' leader for any permanent results.
So far,I'm not seeing University MBAs offered in market devolution either.There's no historical precedent for capitalism to shift into reverse-gear,undoing the web that it's created.
Front page news obviously hasn't made a difference to Barbi and Ken.The media and those who pay the piper would have to alter aspirations and provide positive reinforcement for new and different behaviors,making a break from the past (Edward Bernays).Disney Corporation could pull it off.They have a history with this sort of thing.
Talk of a one-world government is a good way for a politician to lose one's head to a 0.306 boat-tailed projectile.You'd be taking jobs away from currency speculators,arms salesmen,printing press operators,redundant intelligence networks,flag salespersons,etc..
Henry Shaw,of EXXON spoke of an orderly transition off fossil-fuels and into renewables in 'Losing Earth'.Timing would mean everything.And those $trillions still in the ground must be very tempting!
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