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aerohead: Horses for courses.

Who are these 'others'? Name them. How do they feel about the Electric Universe?

One might go to S0 for a 4-minute summary of the weather from the surface of the sun to the ground under our feet (coursing with telluric currents), plus the significant published peer-reviewed papers for the day.

Or the disaster porn. Works either way.

Originally Posted by redpoint5
Just as communism cannot solve the problem of efficiently determining what amount of goods should be produced...

We have very limited ability to plan ahead and modify behavior to prepare for a future that has so many variables as to be barely more predictable than a random guess.

Future problems will be solved/mitigated the way we solve all problems...
...all watched over by machines of loving grace.
Richard Brautigan
You-know-who Fuller predicted AI before it was cool. I went looking for supporting material and found this 1988 essay by Doctress Neutopia

I highly recommend this, but if you want just-the-facts-ma'am, there's wikipedia:
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