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spare me,Dollard,Tesla,telegraph,SO,..............

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
I have doubt.

Spare me. Are you acquainted with Dollard and Tesla's longitudinal waves?

What oil pan 4 said. Early telegraph operators dropped the second wire and used an Earth return for a while, until they started picking up EMP that fried the equipment, then they went back to two wires. I forget if that was before or after the Carrington event.

If S0 is an impeachable source, what about Just a Car Guy?

Just A Car Guy: Dozens of vehicles washed off a Jeep dealership in Little Falls NJ during a flood, then jammed up under a bridge, and the resulting lack of a culvert to drain the river, caused houses to flood. Those homeowners blame the dealership!
*If you're acquainted with inverse,geometric relationships then you'll understand why I asked,and why the question is germane to the topic
*I have no idea what the educational background of any particular member is,and the answer to the question would help me enormously if I'm to make a contribution to the discussion.
*I've never heard of a Dollard wave,and especially in association with electromagnetics,only Gauss,as a measure of magnetic field strength.
*Nothing from my AC/DC Electric/Electronic text or lectures triggers any mention of them.
* I've seen science programs dedicated to Tesla,and read a book about him.If I read about Tesla longitudinal waves in passing,it didn't stick.I have no recollection of it.( I sound like Reagan)
*I'll have to figure out what oil pan 4 said.
*I have seen (probably NOVA) a program which described a major space weather event which affected telegraphy.Was that EMP?
*I'm reluctant to 'judge' SO,but it's kinda like, 'if it doesn't walk like a scientist,and talk like a scientists,it may not be a scientist.'
*And quite literally,the future of Earth hangs in the balance of whether or not we have access to the best evidence.
*I've never heard of Just a Car Guy. (does he know what mechanical efficiency,BSFC, Auxiliary losses,Aero and Rolling Resistance road load is?) If so,I might be 'in.'
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