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hasn't exactly

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
So weather is climate now?

How about what's not happening hurricane season, what hurricane season? The peak of the season is a month away and we have seen hardly anything.
I remember in 2005 they told us "Events like Katrina are going to become a regular occurrence" because of global warming anf that hasn't exactly panned out.
I agree.We're basically seeing weather.
Sometimes the messengers mention 'records'.These will be of special interest,as any 'outlier' will be suspect if it falls within the categories of events anticipated by climate change.Especially now,since we're kinda primed to be paying attention to this sort of thing.
I think that Superstorm Sandy blew some peoples minds.Harvey was a record event as far as rainfall.The Pennsylvania flooding is black swanish.
All-time record wildfire in California.
They mentioned last night that San Diego,California might be looking at hurricanes.Their Pacific sea-surface temps are at 79.5-degrees F, 0.5-degrees away from hurricane-spawning water temps,if all the other factors are in place.They don't see storms like that very often,although they did mention one in the 1800s.
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