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Sunpower already reached 24,1% efficience (photovoltaic cell efficience) and 22% solar panel efficience (panel area have some gaps and spaces between cells and the eva film and glass layers also too some of the sun light))

There are potential problem with solar power and electric vehicles, that nobody realise yet.

Ok, let's just supose solar panels had got 45% efficiency and 40% of actual cost. Everyboday started to add solar panels, and they wait the extra energy would render credits to pay the energy consumed at night.
And let's supose electric cars had the advanced of a new breakthrough battery 12 times denser in energy storage than lithium, and able of very fast recharge (30 times faster than actual lithium)and the cars got the same price as ordinary cars.

But there are many problems:

-If everyone got solar panels, there will be need of energy storage, otherwise coal power plants would still need to work at night. So if everybody got solar power in home there will be no more energy credits to pay the night energy bill.

-With no storage of energy,m industries would need to work in day, when there is sun light, unles the coal power plants works by night just for the industry work at night.

-Without energy storage and everyone producing, the net of energy, the lines, during day, could have problems, since a suddun heavy cloud would dramaticly reduce the energy production in a few minutes.

-Cars while recharging so fast would drain a lot of energy from a local net line, and could create problems. Imagine if many people together would recharge the car.

Look this equation:

P1xV1 = P2xV2
T1.......... T2

Is that possible to use water heated 55 celsius degrees, to generate water in 100 celsius degress?
If was possible the concentrated solar power that use multi juntuon solar cells with 1000 suns, and cooled by water, maybe could also generate power by moving turbines. Some stearling engines work with lower temperatures than boiling water. Also it's possible to use heat transfer devices to evaporate liquids with lower boiling points (but would be a closed sytem and expansive).

Just toughs...

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