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Originally Posted by All Darc View Post
Ok, let's just supose solar panels had got 45% efficiency and 40% of actual cost. Everyboday started to add solar panels, and they wait the extra energy would render credits to pay the energy consumed at night.
And let's supose electric cars had the advanced of a new breakthrough battery 12 times denser in energy storage than lithium, and able of very fast recharge (30 times faster than actual lithium)and the cars got the same price as ordinary cars.
That would solve all the problems. Solar would be cheaper than any other power at that efficiency and cost. Batteries that energy dense and cheap would solve the storage problem.

Problem is, it's unlikely for battery or solar technology to make big breakthroughs in performance or price. We've been developing these technologies for decades, so the low hanging fruit of efficiency and cost has already been picked. Technology is bound by the laws of chemistry and physics; something many people don't seem to understand. Throwing money at developing technology is no guarantee that meaningful progress will be made.
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