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Thanks, you found a mistake in my arguing about such scenario. I should took off the proposed advance in battery, since it spoils my proposed critic to solar panels became cheaper and more efficient.

Ok, now consider my previous solar panels scenario and critics, without my consideration about eletric cars became affordable and long range. Please :-)

By the way, there was already a idea/plan to connect electric car on grid, from small "green" neighborhoods (with people with solar panels on home) or something like that in some cities on Europe, to use their batteries to help supply energy for homes at night. But it would reduce the lifespam of the car's batteries anyway, and very few people have electric cars.

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
That would solve all the problems. Solar would be cheaper than any other power at that efficiency and cost. Batteries that energy dense and cheap would solve the storage problem.

Problem is, it's unlikely for battery or solar technology to make big breakthroughs in performance or price. We've been developing these technologies for decades, so the low hanging fruit of efficiency and cost has already been picked. Technology is bound by the laws of chemistry and physics; something many people don't seem to understand. Throwing money at developing technology is no guarantee that meaningful progress will be made.

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