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I wonder if there is a software to calculate the risk of shading, partial shading, by analysing the edifications near, or even not so near but large building in the residential area in a 2 square km block.
I saw a image of a huge store with roof covered with solar panels, but the shadow of a tall building was over 50% or so of the panels in a given hour of the day.
The software could use google maps satelite photos as reference.

Efficience advances :

Thin solar film with 25,1% efficience. If it get cheaper than actual chinse modules it's good news :

Bad news about Sunpower's Maxeon cells in promotions. SunPower website tells that the low cost cells selled in China are rejected lots from SunPower that somehow went to China and are being selled buy unauthorized dealers.

Somehow went to China ? I bet they selled it to China, or some corrupt employer of SunPower gattered the bad lot and sold.
The price of real SUnPower cells are quite expensive, and the price of the last 24,3% efficience advance cell they created are the double of that.


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