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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
It probably only applies to the first gen volt.
The gasoline engine ran above 70 mph.
I can't find any info about that. Can you share a link? What I am reading is the ICE powers the wheels directly at 70+ MPH, but only if it was already running (eg. the EV range was depleted and the generator/ICE was on). EG: link, link, link. In charge-sustaining mode, the generator/ICE "cheats" via a clutch that connects it to the transmission/wheels above 70 MPH.

As far as I know, as long as the battery isn't empty, both generations of the Volt will run up to top speed solely on electric power.

As far as acceleration goes my leaf can light up the ecopia tires a little. I doubt it will be able to get much more than a squeek out of the yoko avid ascend tires.
I did hear the front tires "slip" yesterday when I pulled out into a smaller gap in traffic than usual. Not a squeal/chirp. But to be honest, I haven't tried flooring the accelerator yet.
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