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It's National Stand in a Line Day

Hopefully my mail-in ballot wasn't intercepted. I would hate for a more informed voter vote for me.

Going through My Ballot — #azvotes: azcentral politics' 2018 Voters Guide it was interesting to see a familiar face from coroplast in the Phoenix area on my ballot--a friend from high school. The Arizona Republic sent each candidate a survey and one of the questions is: Do you agree with mainstream science that burning fossil fuels contributes to climate change, and do you feel it is the role of corporation commissioners to address that issue when regulating utilities?

Justin Olson: The role of the Commission is limited to its constitutional requirement to establish just and reasonable rates for public service corporations.

Tom Forese: Science is science. I have seen the science and I see the reasoning and the argument that science is making. There are many things that contribute to our environment and our climate. On a personal and moral level, I believe in taking all things into consideration when deciding a case, including the environmental impact. However, having said that, it is not the role of the Arizona Corporation Commissioners to set environmental policy. There are other agencies in Arizona who share that direct responsibility.

William "Bill" Mundell: Yes. The cost of solar, wind and other renewables has come down substantially in the last few years and in some cases is even cheaper than fossil fuel. It is the responsibility of the Commissioners to make sure that the utilities are generating electricity from the least expensive energy source possible. By increasing the use of solar, wind and other renewables, we will bring down the cost of electricity and also reduce CO2 emissions.
Arizona should be the Solar Capitol of the world.

Sandra Kennedy: Yes, and it should be addressed by the corporation commissioners.

Rodney Glassman: Like a great many things, burning fossil fuels likely contributes to climate change. Science, mainstream or otherwise, does not yet agree how much. Regardless, the Commission is not the appropriate venue for setting statewide energy policy. That remains the responsibility of the Legislature. The Commission's constitutional charge is to protect ratepayers while ensuring reliable, resilient, safe, and affordable public services. As tempting as it may be for elected Commissioners, some whom have demonstrated a desire for higher office, to expand the commissions role and be seen as being more active in certain areas, I do not believe the commission has the constitutional role to mandate or advocate and should instead remain focused on its constitutionally charged duties of protecting ratepayers pocketbooks while guaranteeing reliable, resilient, safe, and affordable public services from Arizona utilities.

James "Jim" O'Connor: All decisions of the commission regarding energy sources come with a cost. The costs factor into the rates customers pay for water and power. So yes, commissioners have a duty and responsibility to weigh-in on this subject.

Kiana Maria Sears
Burning fossil fuels does lead to climate change. This is a fact. And I also believe that the Corporation Commission has a responsibility to address this issue. Because we live in Arizona, there is no reason that solar and other renewable energy sources should not be utilized to create clean and sustainable energy. Utilizing renewable sources of energy means Arizona is also using clean energy. Aside from climate change itself, fossil fuels lead to pollution and the low air quality across Arizona. Corporations like APS are not going to make these changes on their own, which means the Corporation Commission must step in.

Eric Sloan: If you want to eliminate carbon emissions from the air, and that is a good goal to have, nuclear is the best source of fuel to do that. Arizona has a huge advantage by having the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station operating in Arizona for Arizonans. I will vote No on mandates and I will vote No on subsidies.
I will be vigilant to make sure that utilities are playing by the rules and meeting the clean air and clean water standards. This can happen by working with federal and local regulators to ensure utilities are not breaking the rules or the laws. Clean drinking water is the most important issue and the current commission has failed the people of Pinal County who are dealing with Johnson Utilities. I would immediately call for hearing and legal action for any company that did not meet the clean air and water standards.

Unfortunately, I am on my own regarding local elections. Should I vote for the friendly guy from Church for Justice of the Peace--or the other friendly guy from Church. There are zero candidates for court clerk. The previous clerk quit to run for JotP, but she gives out peanut butter kisses for Halloween.