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Originally Posted by ProDigit View Post
22 miles, wouldn't even get me to work, forget coming back from work...
I only have 1 question you wouldn't be able to answer in the time you have the car.
How long before the battery dies?
My friend had the 1st gen Prius, and another the 2nd gen Prius C. And both of them barely had any range left after 5-6 years or 40-50k miles.

A new battery costs an arm and a leg, and I'm just wondering how long these will last.

Shouty Kilmer made a video on one of these, with a bad alternator/electric motor. And the replacement cost was out of this world.
I'd never buy one. If I had to get one, it'd be either a Nissan Leaf, or a Chevy Bolt.
But for now, I got a nice and peppy gasoline car that keeps up with the 4 cylinder mustangs and camaros.
Many people are getting 30+ miles of EV range, which I expect you would being in FL. After the EV range is used up, it's still a 55 MPG car.

The Gen II and Gen III Prius use NiMh batteries, which probably don't hold up as well as Li-ion. Still, FL is tough on vehicles that don't have active thermal management. For this reason, the Leaf would be a poor choice for you. The Spark EV has active thermal management, but I don't think they sold those outside of CA, OR, and maybe WA.
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