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Originally Posted by All Darc View Post
A polar bear it's not ill, on artic. But on California he would be a albine.
Yes, decease can vary a lot, and that's why we can't be arrogant.

But in things like a transsexuals who demand surgery and hormon treatment from government... well.... if they were okay with thenselves they would not demand surgery and hormon treatment for the rest of their lifes. A dicease, probably (if affect people life deeply), but this did not give us right to hurt them, force them or any other freak things like did in the past (by medicine, psychology, psychiatry,state, chucrh).
The problem is that polictic, extreme left, it's trying to impose things without know. A deacese or not, a right or not to get free surgery??? The answer it's not easy and they can't call of Hitler everyone who do not agree 100% with them.
For the oposite side the right wing can't do the same to please their politic ideology.

Knownledge it's still limited about brain, despite deep research.

Trump ??? Sociopaths get support in "thin cows times", or when people are afraid. Probably someting connect to base instincts from appe humanoid times. Cold blood were good fighters when rival tribes conflicts happens and had more leadership.
And left it's not innocent just because they said they wish help poor people.

Most conservatives are not conservatives, but just hate gays, immigrants, latins and hate the left. They still cheat wife, beat, steal, do the horrible things that chuchs supposed fight. I'm speaking in general, since there is a wide variable between all that. This talk of morals and God it's laughtable, in the same way the left talk of rights and humanity also have a lot of hypocrisy.
I remamber there is reasonable people in both, right and left wings. I spoke in general way to just make a example.

I need to get out too.
A friend of mine got into an argument with a co-worker,and their boss,overhearing the argument,broke into intense laughter.
When the two demanded to know what he was laughing about,he said " I don't know who's more stupid.The one of you for believing what you believe,or the other of you,for believing you could change his mind!"
People are what they are.They believe what the believe,and they act accordingly.How could they do otherwise? And if you were any number of them,you'd think and act exactly alike.
The only example which is different I can think of,is research scientists,which when shown that their research is flawed,will abandon their view and move ahead with the new knowledge.
Their my only comfort on Earth.Well almost.
There's 7,000,000,000,000 opinions available to us today.

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