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700 miles

Originally Posted by All Darc View Post
Ok, let's put charging time by side, just for a while.

What about power density?
Do you believe they really got it? Did he really reached very high energy density for these batteries?

700 miles it's really a lot.

Compare to gasoline car's range :

Toyota Prius 12 gallon tank, 50 mpg = 600 miles
Honda Civic Hybrid 12 gallon tank, 40 mpg = 480 miles
Ford Fusion 17 gallon tank, 36 mpg = 600 miles
Volkswagen Golf 14 gallon tank, 35 mpg = 490 miles
Chevy Cruze 13 gallon tank, 35 mpg = 455 miles

We don't know the size of the battery of this car, since ellectric cars have huge batteries, tooking more space than gasoline tanks. But even so it is, (in case it's really true) or sounds incredible.
When the EV1 came out,the average daily commute was 47-miles if I remember correctly.The 80+ miles range was good enough for most people.
In a road trip,you're probably going to want to urinate before 700-miles,so perhaps,in light of an otherwise dead planet,you'd put up with some driving down time,in order to top off your battery pack.
If we're going to get off fossil fuel combustion,an EV is a way to do that,with little impact to the driving experience.
And historically,the price of electricity is very stable,while gasoline and diesel can go through wild swings.
A BMW 7-series owner may slam the price of a Tesla S until they figure the $24,000 they'll spend on Premium fuel over the life of the 7.$zero for the Tesla.
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